Ready for a sad story?

On the fourth of July in '97 (actually it was 2 AM July 5th morning), my roomate Gary and friend named Don where returning from Skyline Chili. As we get to Ohio Avenue, we see lots of cop cars, fire trucks and the paramedics. Looked like there had been a wreck. Gary pointed out that it looked like something had happened near where we park our cars. Well, it turned out that a drunk guy named Jessie Smart (he's wasn't too bright that night) decided to drive drunk. Yes, old Jessie decided Ohio Avenue in Clifton was a good place to go about 50 mph (even though there's barely enough room for one car to go down the street.) So here we have Jessie's '93 Ford Bronco lying on its side in the street (he fipped his bronco when he hit my Ram.)
Here's what Jessie was able to accomplish that nigh. He first sideswiped a car behind my (this car go totalled, my roomy's car behind him was untouched.) Next, Mr. Smart hit my truck which put the truck part of the way on the curb, dislocated the rear axle from the frame, snapped the drive shaft, and forced my truck to hit an older BMW in front of it.
Ah yes, here's the damage done to the BMW by my truck. The BMW was totalled. Is that it? No way. There was a Mustang in front of the BMW which was also hit (according to the 'stang owner.) I don't really know if it was hit too, but supposedly there was another $2000 worth of damage there as well.
Now here's where the story really stinks. Since ol' Jessie was insured for the minimum Ohio state coverage of $7500 and we had 2 totalled cars, a damage Mustang, and my truck, I had to claim my truck's damage on my own insurance which ment I had to pay a $200 deductable plus some more money for a rental car. Neat, huh? The accident resulted in $8000 worth of damage to my truck. A month later I get the truck back, drive it around for a while, then there's a bad smell. Transmission fluid's leaking on the exhaust. Found out the tranny had a bad bearing and the whole thing needed to be replaced. That put total damage to the Dodge at nearly $10,000. Here's what the truck looked like that terrible night.

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